Anna Lucia D'Agata

 Research Director at the National Council of Research in Rome

"From archaeological knowledge to anthropological intelligence: the modern village of Misis and its long term-history"


Giovanni Salmeri

Professor of Roman History and Latin Epigraphy at the University of Pisa

"A passage to Cilicia: emperors, governors and scientists at Misis"

Maria D. Avgerinou

Director of Educational Technology & eLearning; Senior Researcher / American Community Schools (ACS) Athens

Editor-in-Chief / Journal of Visual Literacy (JVL)

"Visiual litracy scale"

Maria Pilar Viviente Solé

Professor Ph.D. At The Faculty Of Fine Arts, UMH. in Altea, España

Multidisciplinary Artist. Painter-Mixed Media, Pianist-Composer, Writer.

"Art Education in Higher Education Process in Spain. "


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